Weekend rainout tracking for one of the big games

DETROIT – Oh, how glorious it is to start with such comfortable, dry air over Metro Detroit. Good Thursday morning! We have clear skies and cool temperatures in the mid-50s before sunrise if you’re going for a brisk walk. Some of our western and northern suburbs have temperatures in the 40s for a brief time early today, with some fog in these usual spots. Slow down and enjoy a very pleasant start to the day.

Sunrise is at 7:06 am

We will continue to be rewarded after a few dull and overcast days with plenty of sun throughout the morning and throughout the afternoon. It’s called wall-to-wall sunshine, and it will help push our high temperatures back into the 80s, even later today. Winds will be light NNE shifting to ESE 5-10 mph with slightly cooler highs on the east side with these winds coming off the Great Lakes. We’re still a few days away from our next rain threat as we enjoy a nice, gradual warm-up.

Sunset is at 19:55

Remember, we’re still about two weeks away from the official start of the fall season. We will enjoy temperatures between five and 10 degrees above average on Friday and through the first half of the weekend. Friday’s highs will reach the mid-80s with mostly sunny skies and a touch of additional moisture in SE Lower Michigan and southern Ontario.

Saturday should be fine as long as it doesn’t rain for anything you do outside. Skies will turn from partly cloudy to only partly sunny with highs in the mid 80s. Clouds moving in will be linked to our next chance of rain, but we should get the Michigan State game starting Saturday at 4 in the afternoon in East Lansing. And we should get through the night game in the Big House as Michigan takes on Hawaii. Rain will begin to fall overnight into Sunday morning.

Anyone planning to tailgate for the Lions season and home opener on Sunday should bring a pair of umbrellas or a nice tent. Scattered rain showers will come in waves throughout the morning and become more numerous and widespread in the afternoon. Temperatures will likely remain in the mid to upper 70s under mostly cloudy skies with scattered rain.

This rainmaker will sit and spin just to our south from Sunday into Tuesday, with showers on Monday and Tuesday as well. It might not be until Wednesday morning before we start cleaning. We really need the rain, so keep an eye out as we get closer to kick off, either late Saturday or early Sunday.

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