AGCO Corporation starts production at the plant in the suburban Golicyno

As part of the expansion line of vehicles on the Russian market AGCO Corporation starts production at the plant in the suburban Golicyno harvesters Massey Ferguson. Following the course of the localization of production in Russia, within the framework of this project AGCO moves from SKD to CKD assembly.

Providing unsurpassed in its entirety selection of agricultural machinery and equipment – from tillage and planting to harvesting and further storage – AGCO Corporation expands its offer on the Russian market. In addition to the already known here Challenger, Fendt and Valtra company provides equipment Massey Ferguson, one of the oldest and most popular in the world of agricultural brands. Thus, starting in 2014, Russian farmers will be available the same lineup manufacturer as customers in other countries.

A fundamental aspect of AGCO ‘s approach to the development of business in Russia is to build the technology and the further localization of its production. This was the basis of the partnership between AGCO Corporation and the» Russian Machines» and further joint venture AGCO-RM.

» Since mid- 2012, we are building technology at the» Russian Machines» in Golicyno. During this time it was collected more than 350 units of tractors, combine harvesters and disc harrows. And if the issue harrows we immediately began to use Russian-made components, in respect of self-propelled units so far conducted only SKD» – the head of operations in Russia Alexey AGCO Poroshkin. –» The object of the first draft of CKD assembly of self-propelled equipment will harvesters Massey Ferguson, what is the next step on the path to a higher degree of localization of production.»

Over the last 5 years the technology of agricultural machinery Massey Ferguson has undergone significant changes in the design of which was invested more than U. S. $ 200 million. Now, these technologies will be implemented progressively and at the production site of a joint venture AGCO-RM in Golicyno.

The project will be launched in November this year. It will feature the most popular models of keyboards combines Massey Ferguson 7347 and 7370. The production process in the transition to CKD assembly of more complicated and will take a lot longer. However, the timing of the delivery of technology to the end user will not be affected. Compared with a waiting period of shipment from European factories AGCO local assembly technology will allow them to significantly reduce. And in terms of quotas on imported harvesters it will provide additional assurance client receives your order. Besides the status of «Made in Russia» will take part in the art of government subsidy programs.

The next stage of the localization of the combine will transition over the next three years to the use of components and units of domestic production – the hopper unloading pipes, straw and various design elements.

In 2014, after we have officially launched a joint venture, the plant will be set up in Golicyno main production technology of the lineup of key brands AGCO. Volumes of production depend, inter alia, on market conditions. In 2014, the company intends to release some three hundred units of wheeled tractors, combines several dozen, a hundred disc harrows and produce a pilot batch of pneumatic drills. Delivery of the lineup will continue from abroad.

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