The World Market of Agricultural Machinery

Production of agricultural machinery in 2012. Experts appraised world production of agricultural machinery in 2012 at $1 10 000 million and predict the growth of this indicator to $116 000 million in 2013.

The determinal factor of such prediction is expected high price for agricultural products, caused by rather scanty crop of 2012.

The aspiration of farmers to increase volume of crops by usage of modern equipment is also important. In addition, peasants in many countries get state grants for purchase of agricultural machinery for ensuring food security in their regions.

In the Russian Federation the growth of agricultural equipment market by 8% to $3 300 million is expected in 2013.


In 2011 significant increase was observed in the Turkish market of agricultural machinery. In 2012 the growth of the market wasn’t so strong and sharp. In the current year there were realized 5% less tractors as compared to the result of last year.

The European Union

It is expected, that in 2013 turnover of agricultural machinery in the EU will make more than $30 000 million.

Market reduction is expected in Italy. In 2012 the realization of tractors decrease made more than 15%. One of the reasons of such reduction is unfavorable structure of farms and high credits costs.

France and Germany are the largest European markets. Here the positive situation on market of agricultural machinery is observed. Demand of $6 500 million is expected in Germany. In France experts predict increase in tractors market, which will reach 41 000 units. It is on 10% more, than the growth of the market in previous year.


In this region the situation on the market is very optimistic. It is expected, that in the current year realization of agricultural equipment will grow by 9%, and tractors realization will increase on 2%. In the next year the slight increase in the market is predicted.


In 2012 tractors realization will increase only on 10%. The total volume of the market will depend on readiness of the Indian government to force sales by granting preferential loans to peasants.


In this country the market of agricultural machinery grew by 17% in 2011. Such increase is caused by financial support from Chinese government. Lower growth rate on 10% is expected in 2012.


Thanking to the structure of agriculture and rather favorable soil conditions, Brazilian market of agricultural machinery has high development potential.

The Union of Brazilian producers ANFAVEA thinks, that the volume of combines production will increase to 8 000. 5 500 combines of it will be realized in domestic market and 2 500 will be exported.


Despite the drought, the market of agricultural machinery in the USA is growing and developing positively. Till September, 2012 realization of tractors was 8% higher, than in 2011. But after high indicators of previous years, the decrease in combines realization for 8% was observed in the country.

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