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Amazing artists and beautiful paintings that inspire

We know beauty has always been a big draw for you. Even if you don’t know much about arts your soul is thrilled with delight when you look at beautiful inspirational paintings! Knowing that we have collected a list of the most beautiful paintings and amazing spiritual artists that change the mind, the imagination and provide creative stimulus. We hope your chakras already prepared for this!

Thomas Kinkade and his religious paintings or how to sell a picture to every American family

Anton Gortsevich and his amusing cats or how to turn into a cat-addict instead of becoming a cultured Petersburger

Rob Gonsalves, the emperor of illusions or how an ordinary Canadian guy turned into a magician

Kinuko Craft and her Magic Illustrations or how come a Japanese woman is the best illustrator of Russian fairy-tales

Maybe you are not in earnest about art. Well, you may say, a nice picture… i’m happy for this guy who is defenetly drawing better then me. But what’s the usability of an image? Perhaps now you will discover for yourself something truly important: Pictures and colors can really heal diseases of all kinds – both mental and physical. You can also choose among our amazing artists and find your own beautiful paintings that will help solve your problems.

But before get to the main part ask yourself several questions:

What color is the most attractive for me?

Which shade do I love the most and which one I usually choose more often then the others?

The bathroom of my dreams, what color it would be?

People like to say: oh, I like all the colors of the rainbow. If you are one of those pay more attention to your feelings and you will discover that there is still a shade that somehow attracts you the most. And during a lifetime it may change.

If you’ve answered honestly to all these questions, we are ready to proceed to the most interesting part of the opera How to cure yourself with colors and beautiful paintings and figure out which ones would be the best for you?

Red is useful if you suffer from: anemia; impotence; chill muscle cramps; lack of energy

A surprising fact: one of the best healing shades of red is mild pink color (A good reason to remember a wide-spread expression “to see through rose-colored glasses”. And in case you are too aggressive or irritable sometimes, just put on those rose-colored glasses ). You’ll be even more interested when you know that the strong effect of rose used even in prisons (Wow!). For example, when the convicts of the Saint-Quentin prison in the U.S.A start to show aggression and anxiety the jailers turn a pink light lamp and pretty soon everybody calmed down. In the Hull Prison in Hambersay there also was a cell with walls painted in pink, which housed the most violent criminals. And actually this pink room caused many unexpected but magical things: for example once a very cruel murderer admitted his guilt and apologized after a few days of detention in this cell. I’m not sure about the present times, but in 1970-80 these experiments were widely spread.


What’s good about this color? It can help if you have: nervous depression; overwhelming fear; thyroid problems or other hormonal disruptions; skin diseases; digestive problems.

Interestingly this color helps produce adrenaline that’s why active athletes are recommended to wear orange clothing. That could surely help in holding a record. After all, is a group of brave people who have “strong gut” is derived from this.

Also if you have any problems with digestion system try to eat more oranges and get some more healing orange color for your stomach It is known that the gut area of your body is the first to get a strong negative impact of fears and stresses. That’s why people with a weak digestion system are lacking courage sometimes.

Phobias such as claustrophobia and agoraphobia can also be cured with this color.


Don’t loose the opportunity to use this color for treating: indigestion; diabetes; vomiting; flatulence; chronic rheumatism; anorexia; arthritis;

Psychics say the presence of golden color in one’s aura can be a sign of a great spiritual level. As we all know halos over the heads of the saints are also glowing with golden light. In addition to this the yellow color is best suited to all those who have problems with appetite control or any other gastric disorders.

Also this color is very good for muscle relaxation. Have you ever noticed how unpleasant thoughts affect you? Pay attention that when you’re nervous your jaw is strained and lips tensed in spite of yourself? Try to use the magic of the yellow color and meditate on ripe lemon

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