Custom Built, Quality HO Model Train Layouts

Custom Built, Quality HO Model Train Layouts

Whether you’re a collector, hobbyist, enthusiast, or are simply looking to add a decorative display, custom model train layouts offer excitement and fun for individuals of all ages. Choosing an experienced builder that specializes in creating custom railway layouts helps to ensure that your display will come equipped with all of your desired features and accessories. Attention to detail, artistic talent, and innovation are must-have qualities in professional builders. So, whether you’re looking to purchase an HO scale seasonal diorama, or an O scale representation of a historical town, the right builder will have the skill to match your specifications exactly.

About HO Model Train Layouts

HO model trains have a scale ratio of 1:87:1, which means they’re 1/87ththe size of a real-life prototype. Model railway layouts are commonly constructed using the HO scale, and for this reason, numerous train models, accessories, and scenery pieces are available for HO dioramas. One of the benefits of HO model train layouts is the fact that they’re large enough to create an element of realism, yet small enough to be accommodated easily. In fact, HO scale models were created after WWI to be more compact than O scale trains, and fit easily into the homes of buyers, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Variety of Track Designs

Track layouts on model railways come in varying styles, depending on the preferences of a buyer or builder; however, there are generally four common variations. If you’re interested in purchasing a loop, point to point, out and back, or shunting style track, a talented builder can get the job done. Shape is an important aspect in constructing aesthetically pleasing layouts, whether you’re looking to purchase an attractive, exciting set for the whole family or a display for an upcoming holiday. Loops, pear shapes, straight lines, or figures-of-8 are some of the common track shapes seen in HO model train layouts.

Individualized Control

Some custom railroad model builders offer the addition of DCC, or Digital Command Control, to their models for the benefit of buyers. DCC is becoming increasing popular among builders and buyers, as it adds a touch of realism that makes an expertly built model all the more fascinating to watch and control. Improved realism is achieved by equipping each locomotive with circuit cards, which allows them to individually receive signals from the command throttle to increase or decrease speed, turn lights on or off, make sounds, or generate smoke. This feature allows enthusiasts of all ages to control each locomotive with ease.

Reliable Craftsmanship

While model railway building requires precision, know-how, and skill, it leaves an exceptional amount of room for creativity. HO model train layouts are a popular choice, as they’re half the size of O scale models but still allow for a fair amount of detail. Buyers have the ability to enjoy all the perks of a well-built train set without having to sacrifice much space. So, whether you’re looking to purchase a custom display that’s commemorative of a railway near your hometown, represents a historical scene, or is seasonally decorated for Christmas, a quality builder can meet and exceed your needs.

Custom Train Layouts is a Connecticut-based company that plans and creates custom model railways to suit clients’ preferences.

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